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Landing pages

You will be hard pressed to find a business that does not use landing pages as a lead generation tool today.

You will need to split test to see which format works well for a particular campaign.

Heat maps

Common questions that most entrepreneurs face:

What pages do most visitors hover?
What areas of my landing pages get most of the clicks?

Heat maps give you solid data on how users interact with your site and thus provide answers to the above questions.

Split Testing / (A/B) testing

With so many web design features one should ask:

  • “Which landing page format or headline copy drive most conversions for my campaigns?”
  • Which Image or video got the most interaction

An A/B testing tool (sometimes called split testing) is, therefore, another important “ arrow in your quiver”  for marketers.

3. SEO

A study recently conducted confirmed that the top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33 percent of the traffic, compared to 18 percent for the second position.

And the traffic drops significantly from there.

There is no doubt that investing in SEO is quite a huge thing.

Taken the number of technical features related to SEO, a lot of companies outsource this part.

However, there is still a bunch of non-technical SEO work marketers can employ to rank their websites higher on search engines.

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