Increase Sales, Improve Cash-flow & Grow your business

1. Content marketing

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 60% less.

There’s no doubt that content marketing should constitute an important part of every marketing team. Remember to plan your content in advance in order to avoid stress over upcoming deadlines.

Blog post headings

Your content might look like a million dollars, but without a catchy headline, it won’t generate any clicks.

Media monitoring

This is so crucial & vital!! If you don’t have the correct information how can you facilitate your content marketing?

  • Finding the right type of content.
  • Tracking the performance of published content in the media and social media channels.
  • Engaging with your audience.

 By tracking the activity of your latest article, advert, blog or content you won’t miss a chance to get engaged with the audience even though some of the users didn’t fully engage.

2. Website

There are many tools that entrepreneurs can use to help them maintain websites without any IT headache. There are also many tools to track website activity, visits, clicks etc. We highly recommend implementing them ASAP.

When you design content for your site, keep the following in mind:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Maximizing SEO
  • Content management
  • Building tailored landing pages

Tracking visitors’ behavior

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